Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Identity of the seller and his geographical address

Ruys Juweliers CommV, with registered office at 2000 Antwerp, Sint-Jorispoort 26, recorded in the Commercial Register of Antwerp having as VAT-no. BE0780 776 655.

Our service

Do you wish to freshen up or repair your jewellery? At Jewellery Ruys our people will make sure your jewellery will sparkle as new again. Maybe you’re dreaming about creating your own beautiful piece of jewellery, everything is possible at Ruys.


Every diamond (starting from 1 ct.) is accompanied by an official diamond certificate issued by one of the 3 authorized institutes of certification: HRDIGI or GIA. On Simple request of the customer a housecertificate is issued by Jewellery Ruys wich gives an objective description of the jewel.


At Jewellery Ruys we’ll always try to serve you at our best. When we don’t succeed to fulfill your wishes, and we can’t take away your complaint, there’s always the possibility to contact an independent dispute resolution committee wich will further deal with your complaint.

Considering the obligations which Jewellery Ruys has assumed in the judicial district of Antwerp, and in application of Art. 624, 2° Jud. Code, the Justice of the Peace Court of the 1st canton in Antwerp, as well as the Court of First Instance or the Commercial Court of Antwerp shall have jurisdiction over any dispute concerning the existence or execution of an agreement between Jewellery Ruys and a co-contracting party. Should it prove impossible to arrive at an amicably conducted expert examination with the participation of both parties, both parties acknowledge the authority of the President in the Court of First Instance of Antwerp, or the Commercial Court of Antwerp, to appoint a court expert in accordance with Art. 585 Jud. Code for the determination of the defective delivery.

Are you the victim of misleading practices, fraud or swindle? Or have your rights as a consumer or enterprise not been respected?
Then choose the scenario that matches your problem and follow the various steps to report your problem to the competent services.
You will always receive a reply in which we will try to provide an answer to your questions.
The competent services will analyse your report and may carry out an investigation. This may lead to the communication of your data to other competent services. They do not take any action in your individual dispute, nor do they provide any information concerning the investigation. For your individual problem, we exclusively refer to the reply that will be sent to you.

Legal aspects of VAT and tax free procedure for non E.U. residents

Clients within the EU

Prices (payable to Jewellery Ruys) will be increased with the appropriate VAT rate of Belgium, which is 21%,  except for Germany where the local VAT of 19% is applicable and France where the local VAT of 20% is applicable.

Clients outside the EU

Prices payable to Jewellery Ruys remain exclusive VAT. Thus no VAT is applicable, but most countries apply on delivery a border tax and/or local taxes, which our clients have pay to the delivery courier. Jewellery Ruys offers you information on border and local taxes.

Tax-free purchases and export outside the EU

Jewellery Ruys offers its customers a tax-free purchases service. In this case, the customer needs to prefund Belgian VAT (21%) which will be refunded once the customer has performed exportation outside the European Union.

Jewellery Ruys informs the customer about the items that the customer needs to present while passing through the customs of the European airport from where the customer will export the jewel. The customer will need to present the purchased product(s), the invoice, the passport (proving that the customer is no European resident) and the boarding pass (proving that the customer is leaving Europe).

The exportation must be performed within 3 months from the date shown on the product invoice.

The invoice must be stamped by the customs of the European airport from where the customer is performing exportation, so that the customer can claim a VAT refund from Jewellery Ruys. The stamped invoice needs to arrive at the Juweliers CommV office no later than 2 months after the date the invoice was stamped.

Jewellery Ruys will transfer by bankwire to the customer the corresponding VAT refund amount exclusively upon receipt of the original product invoice stamped by the customs of the European airport from where the exportation took place (the stamp will be analyzed first).

The VAT refund is made upon receipt of a (stamped) suitable invoice for export provided by the internal accounting department of Jewellery Ruys. The customer must clearly express his/her wish to export from the start of the order process, so that the appropriate VAT rate (21%) is applied to the tax free price, in order to determine a final VAT inclusive price. In case the customer does not communicate his/her export intention from the beginning, he/she will not be able to benefit from our VAT refund services. Therefore, the order will be subjected to the (non refundable) rate of local VAT, depending on the country of delivery.

Jewellery Ruys will never be responsible for any mistakes coming from the customer’s side (ex. erroneous bank details) that would result in bank fees. The customer will eventually be charged for these bank fees.

Jewellery Ruys will never take on its behalf any bank fees that may be charged by the customer’s bank. These bank fees will eventually be on behalf of the customer.

Tax-refund is performed according to the legal and European procedures prescribed by the Belgian Chamber of Commerce (142. The Article 8, 4°, of Royal Decree 18 states that the seller must establish the existence of the exportation by providing the customer with a copy of the invoice or a similar document bearing the stamp of the customs of exit from the European Community) according to which the presentation of the invoice of the purchased product (as exportation document) when passing through the customs is sufficient (in addition to the presentation of the three other items listed above – the product, the passport and the boarding pass). According to the Belgian and European law, no other documents are required.

Jewellery Ruys will never be responsible for any type of exceptional event that would prevent the client from excercising the right to claim a VAT refund (ex. refusal of airport customs to stamp the Jewellery Ruys invoice in case another document for exportation would be required according to any regional/national legislation, the closing of customs and impossibility for the customer to get the stamp, no reception or loss of the invoice sent by the client by the mail etc …).

Additional information

If required Juweliers CommV will provide to the client enough information concerning the export and import charges and taxes, and other local taxes and charges concerning expeditions outside the EU. Export and import charges and taxes, and other local taxes and charges are always at clients charge, unless otherwise provided in legal provisions.
Juweliers CommV can never be held liable for differences/changes in VAT tariff or export and import charges and taxes.