Engagement Ring Guide

How to buy an engagement ring?

Ready to pop the question? But you have no idea what ring to buy. This is your ultimate “how to buy an engagement ring” guide. We’ll give you 10 tips so you can find the perfect ring for this everlasting moment.

  • 1.Surprise her with this ones in a lifetime opportunity
  • 2.Find out her unique style
  • 3.Learn the 4C’s
  • 4.Your engagement ring doesn’t have to be a diamond
  • 5.Consider going for a custom made ring
  • 6.What metal to choose?
  • 7.How to get the best engagement ring for your budget?
  • 8.Adding a personal touch
  • 9.Find out her ring size in a subtle way
  • 10.Buy your certified diamond

1.Surprise her whit this ones in a lifetime opportunity

I know it’s tempting bringing your girl in the proces to pick out a ring. Because you just want to make sure that the ring fits and she likes it. Altough it’s tempting, Don’t! Instead use this ones-in-a-lifetime oportunity to show her how thoughtful and romantic you are.

Imagine how surprised she will be when you propose to her, the ring fits and the ring “YOU” picked is exactly what she wanted! After all, this moment she will remember for the rest of her life. So make it just right for her!

Although it’s realy romantic, picking the perfect ring on your own is not the only way to suprise her. For instance, some women really insist in picking out the ring they want. And well if she insists, just let it be. There’s a lot more mistery for a woman in a proposal. She still has no clue when and how you’ll propose to her.

2.Find out her unique style

This time you give her exactly what she wants!

A good way to find out about her style is to search descretely through her jewellery box. Because her jewellery box holds a lot of secrets for you to find out when looking for an engagement ring. Think about which metals she likes? Or does she prefer classic jewellery or is she more the contemporary kind of women? …

After you’ve found the right style for your significant other. Stick to it, don’t give in to your own taste. After all, she will have to wear it. So it only matters what she wants.

3.Learn the 4C’s

The first time a jeweller shows you a real diamond, you’ll be dazzled by it’s beauty. But don’t let this moment overwhelm you. The thing is, all diamonds are beautifull and just to know that this diamond is going to be wrapped around her finger forever. It doesn’t have to be just beautifull. No, she needs to be dazzled everytime she looks at it.

Since diamonds are expensive you better know what you’re buying. Knowing about the 4C’s, Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut will help you choose the right diamond for your budget. Our tip here is never to give in on the Cut since it’s responsible for its brilliance & fire. If you want your loved one to be blinded by the light always go for a very good or excellent cut.

4.Your engagement ring doesn’t have to be a diamond.

edelstenen verlovingsring antwerpen
Clear Diamonds are definitely the most popular Gemstone when it comes to Engagement rings. Therefore most men and women prefer a traditional diamond ring. However the idea that engagement rings must be a diamond rings is just a marketing invention. For example, everybody knows the DeBeers Slogan “A diamond is forever” where they tried to convince the people a diamond is the only acceptable way to express your love.

If you want to show your everlasting love. Then the most important thing is to show it! Don’t mind the gemstone nor the size. If she would die for a diamond. Then a diamond is the way to go. But if your girlfriends taste runs to be more unconventional. Then maybe she may prefer something different than a diamond engagement ring.

Always keep in mind you’re buying this ring for her as a symbol of your everlasting love. And the gemstone you choose is meant to be there for at least a lifetime. So you better pick a durable stone. To give you an idea, after diamonds, sapphires and rubies are the most durable choice to go for when shopping for an engagement ring.

5.Consider going for a custom made ring

maak een eigen ontworpen verlovingsring antwerpen
You’ve found the ring style you want, but you want to change up the setting or some other details on the design. Then I have good news for you, this is totally possible and it doesn’t necessary needs to be more pricey.

If you think about going custom. Then I’m sure you allready have the perfect engagement ring for your beloved one in mind. When doing this, first talk to your jeweller since he is more experienced in custom made designs. He can advice you in the possibilities and search for the perfect design within your budget.

6.What metal to choose?

When choosing a precious metal type for your engagement ring. Get a clear view of her everyday jewellery. If she wears a lot of silver, go for platinum or white gold. If she prefers colored metal for her jewellery, you might consider buying a yellow or rose gold engagement ring.

When it comes to price or quality, there’s no difference between white, yellow or rose gold. Platinum is considered more durable and more soft. Exposed to knocks it will slightly deform instead of losing its material. Although it has good characteristics, Going for a platinum ring will be on average 50% more expensive then a 18k gold ring.

Our advice picking your metal type, Go for the 18k gold ring unless your girlfriend is Nickel-sensitive. It will save you a lot of money wich you can invest in a better stone. Also 18k gold is considered to have a shinier appearance and it is lighter in weight. Your 18k gold ring will need a little bit more care, but treat it with love and your ring will last a lifetime.

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7.How to get the best engagement ring for your budget?

Let’s face it, regardless of your budget, buying an engagement ring is going to be expensive. You’ve set your budget but to get your engagement ring exactly how you want it to be is gonna cost some extras. Keeping this tips in mind will help you get the max out of your budget.

  • Go for white gold instead of Platinum, it’ll give you the same look, only white gold will save you a lot of money.
  • Balance your 4C’s.
    • Set your standard to an excellent or very good cut since this C is considered responsible for its brilliance.
    • Then choose carat size, whether she prefers big or small. This is the key factor when it comes to aesthetics in your ring design.
    • When picking the clarity or colour of your diamond. Keep in mind that in normal conditions you’ll be looking at your diamond without a loop and without the other stones you’re comparing them to right now. If it’s white, brilliant and without imperfections tot he naked eye, this might be the perfect stone to you.
  • If you want a bigger stone but don’t have the budget. Consider choosing a halo or illusion setting since this makes your diamond look a lot bigger without the extra cost.

8.Adding a personal Touch

Giving your engagement ring a personal touch is the way to go. It’s not just the beauty or the idea it represents your everlasting love. By adding a personal touch you show your beloved one you’ve really put some effort in it to make it into a perfect moment.

Including one of her or your grandmother’s diamonds will add sentiment and pay homage to heritage. But prepare yourself before hunting for grandmother’s antique ring, because it may not be in the best shape for re-use. Some of them use a much lower standard then what we would use now for diamonds. When using a classic stone, like pearl or opal, keep in mind this a fragile stone, it might break when customizing your engagement ring.

9.Find out her ring size in a subtle way.

ringmaat verlovingsring antwerpen
Proposing with a ring that doesn’t fit is quite embarassing. It will be a surprise for sure, but still, it’ll take away some of the magic. With some tips you can find out her ring size in a subtle way.

If she wears a lot of rings, lucky you! Secretly take one of her rings she won’t miss. We recommend doing this for a ring she wears on her ring finger. Now you can bring this ring to your jeweller and he can find out the size of this ring. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing this ring to your jeweller take one of her rings and place it on a piece of paper. Draw a circle on the inside and outside of the ring. Do this several times to make sure that your ring traces look consistent. If you can’t find a ring from the ring finger. We can get a good estimate with a ring from any other finger as well.

If she doesn’t wear a lot of rings, you’ll have to be very subtle figuring out her size. You can pretend that you are going to buy a ring for your mom/sister etc. Just make sure that this pretend recipient is someone whose hands are similar in size to your girlfriend. Take her out ring shopping for your “mom” and ask your jeweller to take her ring size since their fingers are similar in size.

If you weren’t able to find out her ring size and the ring doesn’t fit. There’s always the option taking your ring back to your jeweller to resize your engagement ring. Keep in mind not all ring are resizable or may be limited in resizing options. Consult your jeweller in resizing options before buying the ring.

10.Buy your certified diamond

Regardless your budget, buying an engagement ring is going to be an investment. To protect this investment make sure your diamond is accompanied by a certificate issued by an independent gemological association such as GIA, HRD, IGI, … . These laboratories give you a unbiased diamond-grading report of the stone’s 4Cs, shape, dimensions and any cosmetic enhancements or anything else that affects its value.

gia certificaat diamant
hrd certificaat diamant
igi certificaat diamant

Keep in mind a certification is gonna cost you. When buying a 1ct diamond you should definitely ask for a certification. Also when high color or clarity matters go for the certificate. When buying a less clear diamond or one which is lower in color, you should decide responsible whether or not to go with a certified stone.

When shopping for your engagement ring in Antwerp. The city of Antwerp came up with a label to protect you as a customer. “Antwerp’s Most Brilliant” is a selection of the most qualitative and reliable jewellers in Antwerp. They live up to Antwerp’s reputation as a diamond world capital. The label is designed to help consumers make their choice with confidence. Are you searching for a quality jeweller who provides excellent service? Then each of the certified Antwerp’s Most Brilliant Jewellers are worthy of your trust.

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